Versa Mini RFID

Versa Mini Vertical Surface Touch
Versa Mini Vertical Recess Touch
Versa Mini Vertical Surface Touch
Versa Mini Vertical Recess Touch

Product Details

Versa Mini electronic lock solution is our most versatile product. Offered in a variety of configurations and interfaces, Versa Mini can easily adapt to any pedestal, credenza, tower and more.

Versa Mini Vertical Surface Touch


Front Unit

Standard Keypad : RFID

Numeris locks operate with an alphanumeric standard keypad or touch RFID interface. The interface also contains a key slot to operate locks with an ADA compliant User Key.

Power | 2 CR2450 : 4 AAA : 4 AA Batteries

Providing battery life of 128,000 cycles for Keypad & 54,000 cycles for RFID.

Body Style

Front Unit

Finish | Brushed Nickel : Black

Standard finishes of brushed nickel and black. Custom finishes are available upon request.

Body | Vertical : Horizontal

Available in vertical and horizontal body styles with standard handle.

Versa Mini Vertical Surface Touch
Manual Auto Relocking Locks

Locking Options

Manual Locking

Standard flat, offset, and lifter cam for installation on cabinet doors, drawers, lockers, enclosures, personal storage & more.

Auto Relocking

Auto relocking spring latch for assigned use applications.

Custom Plug


Using custom plugs and existing locking mechanism, Versa can easily retrofit onto furniture, cabinets, lockers, and more.

3 Step Mounting

Remove core from existing mechanical lock, place manufacturers’ specific plug inside of lock cylinder, and secure Versa with two mounting screws.

Versa Mini Vertical Recess Touch
App Based Lock Management

App Management

Versa Mini locks have an option to program and manage the locks through a mobile device. The mobile app allows simplified programming, management, and audit trail.

Key Management

Patented electronic keys offer external power, audit, and override capabilities for a credible management system that significantly enhances productivity and reduces cost.

Electronic Key Management

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